Path. To. Yoga. Teacher.

The last three weeks I have been living in my yoga bubble in a beautiful Eco-resort in Cahuita, Costa Rica.   It has been an amazing time where I met my yoga family of 26 other beautiful people. We shared a lot of good times and of course the emotional moments were there too.

Our schedule was very thight by starting our meditation and yoga practica at 7 and throughout the day we had classes in anatomy, philosophy and assisting. We had a chef cooking us three vegetarian meals a day, which was SO GOOD!

The spare time we used for exploring the villages nearby, the amazing beaches surrounded by rain forest and of course the green jungle! I’m going to miss all the lovely people, the powerful bonfire, the laughs, my roomies and so much more. It has been a life changing training and I am so glad I did it!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me during this journey. I feel your love and I am super grateful for that! Many times I thought about you during practice, meditation or in my spare time.

My next destination is waiting for me; two months CUBA! I happy to share that I applied for a two week job as a yoga teacher at a resort in Varadero… Fingers crossed as I can hear any moment if I have the job!

Sunny kisses!