Sugar. Baby.

All day every day my sweet tooth has a little party here in Cuba. Almost everything you can eat is dulce (sweet) or if not naturally, the Cubans like to add a little ~ read: a lot ~ sugar to it. After waking up the first portion of my sweet enemy is already waiting for me. Breakfast includes a bowl of fresh fruit, a glass of mango juice (with added sugar), a fried egg and bread with butter and honey….!

As the day passes my eyes have seen piles and piles of sugar. From ice cream, popcorn, coconut balls covered with caramel, colorful decorated cakes, sugarcane juice, pizza or a cup of coffee with the additional 3 teaspoons of sugar… No wonder the six pack of most Cubans is covered by a smooth sugar belly.

My body (and belly!) was slim after the healthy vegetarian diet during my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, but now it feels like I am gaining weight every day…. So every day I have several discussions with my sweet tooth whether I eat something sugary or a little less. Luckily I am not really gaining weight because of my daily yoga practice, two hours of salsa class a day and salsa dancing at night in the club.

I wish I could continue the plant based diet but here in this country it is just not possible. So many of my veggie friends (and other things) are not available here. In the grocery store you don’t have choices; the mercado has only one type of oil, shampoo or anything else you need. No wonder why they do their dishes with washing powder instead of soap for dishes or why they cook their food every time in the same style. You have to be practical here because life is expensive. So you live sober, eat every day the same and you just enjoy the happy feeling of sugar as much as you can!


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  1. Ahhh al die lekkere zoete dingen! Mjam!
    Het klinkt fantastisch kipje! Leuk om je verhalen te lezen en avonturen te volgen.

    Liefs en geniet!!

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