The. Beauty. Of. Traveling.

Saying goodbye is always difficult when you leave the people you love behind. You know that there will be moments you desperately want your family or friends around you; for a hug, to share a moment with or just to laugh about something or to find comfort. The other side is when you open your heart, you meet new people and get to know other culture. They tell you about their country and show you the real life.

It is interesting to see that it won’t take long before you can become really good friends or even ‘family’ with someone. The moment you open your heart you will see that there is enough room in your heart or life for other people. You can share moments with them and within an hour, day or week you have new friends from all around the world.

More intense is the experience when you’re with 30 people in an beautiful but isolated resort in the jungle for a yoga training. Throughout the training you are fully aware of your body through the practice of yoga and meditation. Beside your body you also invest time in your mind and soul so it becomes also a mentally and spiritually journey. One of the first days we had to do an exercise in pairs of two; look each other in the eye and tell the other person who you really are and how you feel at that moment. It seems easy but telling your story and keep looking them in the eye is actually quiet difficult. By doing this we trusted each other and we made a connection. My baby girl Madison will always be in my heart!

To feel the energy of a whole group of people who take care of each other is amazing. Many times I felt connected to all of them, only by holding hands or chanting “Om” you feel the energy and good vibrations. We all have our own personality and that makes a group so vibrant and beautiful. During the super moon (full moon) we had an ceremony outside around a bonfire. All these lovely people are now family and we definitely meet again.

While writing this I am on my way to Cuba and next to me a friendly girl from Costa Rica. She turn out to practice yoga too and she’s on a holiday to Cuba to find her inner peace again. The people you meet have crossed your path and all of them are precious. I wonder what Cuba will bring me this time….