Teaching. In. Paradise.

Trying to sleep when you feel nervous is difficult. Maybe you turn from side to side or you try to count sheep to fall in sleep again. For me that was not working on this morning; I had to teach my first yoga class this morning and it was just there; the nerves.

Besides that, the weather is horrible, there is some kind of a tropical storm going on. Lightning, thunder, rain and palm trees that bending back and forth. On this moment I was not sure whether this was just a random storm or if it was a sign not to teach….

Nine minutes to go and no students yet…. End up having no students… I hear myself thinking “This is not so good for my self confidence”…. But I will just blame it on the weather. In the end my colleague from the entertainment team came for class, the lucky bastard got a private lesson!

It felt good to be teaching, definitely because I have only done my own practice over the last month since I graduated for my Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica. I am very thankful for my teachers Jennifer, Jenni-Lee, the two Laurens and all of my fellow yogi sisters who have taught me this new skill I feel so good with. A new life has begun… Up to tomorrow, hopefully the weather doesn’t keep the 400 hotel guests in. Or should I seduce them with something sweet 😉

During 15 days I had only a few students per class and they were great! Starting the day with a morning class with enthusiastic students is super. Two yogi vergins (never practiced yoga before) even got into it and are going to find a studio when they get home, isn’t that great?

On this yoga journey I met a lot of lovely people so far and it keeps on going, they are so warmly and open hearted. Even when I told that I just got certified as a yoga teacher and make a few mistakes in my cues, they kept on focussing and listening to me. I even helped one lady so much, she suffers from a spinal injury and could not even walk a small stairs by herself, her husband carried her… A few hours after my morning class we met again at the beach and she thanked me because she felt so good and she even walked the stairs up and down without any help! I felt so happy for her and encouraged her to keep on doing  yoga poses to keep her spine loose.

Two weeks flew by I realize I thaught at such a wonderful place in this world. The yoga studio at the resort was great, but teaching at the beach during sunset felt magical! The manager even wanted to stay in contact so I could come back and teach whenever I am back in Cuba ~ I am such a lucky girl!