The. Ultimo. Beso.

While relaxing in my hammock, I look back on the year 2015. I realize that last year was life changing for me, especially after the car accident I had in September 2013. I had to recover for almost a year and that made 2014 a rough year; but full of new insights and life lessons. Although I rather not had this accident, I learned a lot from it. So 2015 was a new year; healthy, full of energy, open for changes and time to follow my dreams.

The first big decision I took was to quit the job I had as a web editor. After five years working in a great environment with lovely people, I still felt not content. I had to travel three hours a day, and sit for hours in one place; after all that happened the year before, it made me tired and my energy level was low. And there was a voice within me saying I could be happier when doing something else…

For me changing my routine and solid basis was a big thing. But as soon as my sister asked me “What is the worst thing that could happen when you quit and you don’t have something else yet?” I knew the worst thing was moving out my house and live with my mom… Well if that is the worst; try it! So I talked with my manager in the end of March and we arranged my final work day; 30 September. In between I had time enough to make a new plan, right?

My new plan, where to start? What do I really want to do and makes me happy? Where would it be and how do I see my future? These questions kept me busy for months because I could not answer myself. So I decided to talk a lot with my closest friends and family about it, follow some workshops about mindfulness and how to make a change in your career and take time for myself to write things down. I am thankful with all the lovely people around me, they gave me so much love and support during this time. I realized that I wanted to work in a dynamic/energetic place where I can interact with people. In June the idea came up to deepen my yoga practice, which helped me a lot with recovering in 2014, and do a Yoga Teacher Training. How great would it be if I could share my yoga practice with others? So I googled and with my passion for travel I combined the two and decided to do it in Costa Rica and travel a few months after in Central and South America.

But before going to Costa Rica, I had a holiday planed to Cuba in June… After the recovery year in 2014 I could finally go on a salsa dancing holiday with my dear friend Francisca. Looking back on this holiday, I think it was already the start of change. I choose to set my arrow tattoo there; it symbolizes my accident, the positive thinking and to have the opportunity to follow my dreams. Besides that I met the sweetest and warm hearted guy ever; my current boyfriend! Coming home I had to work three months more and then the big adventure would start. I decided that the first destination after Costa Rica would be Cuba again and I wanted to experience carnaval in Brasil with my sister.

My last day at the office came by soon and I had to say goodbye to a lot of amazing people. Then I had one week time to organize my last things and of course give my family and friends a big hug before I would leave for months. It is never easy to say goodbye but at the same time I knew this was best for me and that I could see them again when coming home. First destination was Costa Rica, my Yoga Teacher Training; an indescribable experience with a fantastic group of people who became my second family. Physically and mentally I was in the best shape ever and felt so strong, happy and energetic. I never forget what my teachers and the rest of the group taught me, this was really valuable for me.

Then the nerves came because I was going back to the boy I fell in love with. Two months Cuba were so great; he showed me what real love is and together we traveled all around the country. We were part of many special moments like birthdays of his mom and friends, a sweet 15 from a Cubana in his hometown, a celebration of oritia Santa Barbara, Christmas in Remedios and many more unforgettable moments. Not missing out on my first yoga job of course; teaching two weeks in a resort in Varadero! How ironic that my first job is in Cuba?!

After two months I gave my last kisses of 2015 to my love and took a plane to Argentina. There I celebrated New Year with my hostel buddy Patrik; picnicking in the harbor of Buenos Aires and watching the firework.

Last year I met so many incredible people, traveled to wonderful places and had amazing experiences, I am so grateful for that! In 2016 I will keep on sharing my energy with others. I wish everyone can follow their dreams and live a healthy, happy life! As they say in Cuba: Salud, Amor, Sexo!


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