Veggie. Hari.

A lot of people know the term Hare Krishna or they’ve heard about it. In Amsterdam they are walking and chanting in the city center on Saturdays; I never knew what they really did…

Until now. The Eco Yoga Park near Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a Bhakti yoga ashram as well; Hare Krishna is the word for people who practice Bhakti yoga. Bhakti yoga means there is a connection between you, god and the loving relationship. They learn what love is and how you can love everything and everyone in this life. Therefore they live their lives with devotional service.

The community lives at a beautiful tranquil place, away from the big city. When you enter the property you can not avoid the big white temple, here they chant and meditate a few times a day. They build their own houses, yoga studio/cinema and kitchen with ‘restaurant’ and of course the huge vegetable garden!

So far, everyone is very friendly and open to share whatever you have questions about. It is interesting to see how devoted they are and that they learn to love everything and not wanting to have things for themselves because everything is for god. I believe there is some truth in their practice but at the same time I think it is okay that you do sometimes treat yourself. Some people are already open hearted and give a lot, even they can’t have something for them self?!

While helping in the kitchen I learned the “Yoga of the kitchen”. Before you start you clean your hands and mouth. You can not eat or drink while working in the kitchen; very hard when you see and smell fresh baked bread or your favorite veggies… During cooking you try to meditate and focus on the things you do. That way you give a lot of love to your food and you can taste that. The food that they provide is amazing, colorful and tasty! And they use as much as possible from the garden, how great!

The yoga classes they give is the purest form of yoga; hatha yoga. We start with meditation and chanting the Maha mantra of Hare Krishna. During class we focus more on the internal than external body, a whole new experience for me! You become more aware of your sentiment and energy flows. It is a bit slower than the style I like but definitely not easier…

I am only halfway my stay, so I wonder what more I will learn… Conclusion after one week at the argentinan Hare Krishna’s;
– love the people and things around you in a non selfish way
– Eat more veggies than you already did, your body appriciates that
– Take some quiet time once in a while, it helps you to think things through
– Practicing yoga, meditation and chanting is key
– You don’t need much to be happy
– Cold showers are not that bad; actually quiet good for the blood circulation

I must say that this slowly healthy life style works very well for my body but at the other hand I can not leave Argentina without eating a good steak…. Sorry Hari!