(Un)Safe. Brazilian. Summer.

HOT HOT HOT, that is the best description when talking about summer time in Brazil. It comes back everywhere; the temperature is about 35 to 40 degrees Celcius, the people are pretty and have good sporty hot bodies, dancing samba and forró with brazileros… Besides that it is a popular travel destination especially with the Olympic games in August. So why go there in Summer you might think. Well, in summer there is the biggest event of the year; carnaval, you can cool off easily at the prettiest beaches with a fresh coconut or caipirinha in your hand. Ate the same time, when living in the northern hemisphere, you escape winter! Reason enough to go!

Telling my dear ones at home about my plans to go to Brazil, the first thing they replied was that it’s unsafe and dangerous. Then hearing I would travel there with my tall, blank and pretty sister, they told us we are looking for trouble. The funny thing is that we had such an amazing experience. And after ‘only’ three weeks I decided I haven’t seen enough so I need to go back some day…

Back to the safety part… First of all, it all starts with your own attitude, behavior and why of thinking. When you hide your money in a money belt (my sister) or in your bra (me) you don’t walk in the street with a big (hand)bag and your money is safe. Dress normally and don’t show off any luxury looking accessories is rule number 2. Then there is the part that you don’t want to be in the dodgy dark places, like in every city in the world. So know where to go of become friends with locals so they guide you.

Is that all? Well no.. Of course there are robberies here, and they are more violent than Europe for example. The favelas are not safe to go by yourself and you should never take an empty bus, but further more you need to relax a bit while you are aware of the things and people around you.

Unfortunately sometimes bad things happen during the day, like one of our new friends. He got kidnapped, robbed, shot and beaten during the day (4 pm). The police found him in his boxer short and brought him to the hospital. Fortunately he is alive and is back home now to recover from this horrible incident. Sadly things like this happen but you can’t avoid it…

But yes, you can travel Brazil and be safe, like my sister and me. The people are so super friendly, kind and polite. They help you at any place at any time and share everything they have with you. There was not even one grumpy grandpa we met! The country is huge and has stunning nature with a lot of treasures. From deep green valleys with lakes, dunes, waterfalls to more dry area, to jungle fever in the Amazone. And of course don’t forget all the amazing white sandy blue sea beaches, there are thousands of them…

You don’t have to go to Brazil but if someone asks me I would be the person who encourage it, it is A-MA-ZING!

Obrigado Brasil

Special thanks to my sister who made this trip memorable <3