Back. In. The. Days.

Some people wish they could escape from their stressful life and the digital world we are connected to all day long. Almost everyone has a smart phone which they use often; while traveling, at the work/school, in the gym but even worse; while you are with friends or family too. You are connected with your digital friends all the time even when you’re surrounded with people you love. Sometimes you miss (valuable) moments because you were writing your next message/tweet/post…

Do you remember how it was before the invention of the mobile phone? You scheduled to meet your friends and family and you were fully in that moment without any distractions. You did not have to check online how many likes you had because you would hear that from your friends in person. A place where it is still like this is Cuba ~ as long as the country doesn’t change. Compared with other western countries they got stucked in time. For those who want a digital getaway… Go to Cuba!

First of all there is hardly internet, only at the hotels and central parks. Then you need to log in with a prepaid card ($2 p/hr), so they make it hard and expensive to use the internet. Because there is only internet at those places, the rest of Cuba are still working with systems which are not connected to the internet. In shops you can’t pay by card, the banks handle everything by hand ~ they still use the big secured safes, you can’t Google (my best friend) wherever you want and so on…

This all brings a lot of peace to the people. Friends hanging out on the street, musicians play music and dance, a family is watching tv with all their family members and older men are playing domino. That is a typical street view in Cuba. I noticed during the last few months that I disconnecting with the digital world is not so bad, I even enjoyed it very much!

My very late new years resolution is to use my phone a little less while back at home…. See how that works out!

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