Pura. Vida.

When you wake up at 3 am and it’s not because of your jetlag but of the haul monkeys in the nearby rain forrest it suddenly isn’t that bad. I sneaked out the room as my roommate Cassie was still asleep, and saw the beautiful green garden and hammocks. How could I be cranky waking up this time of hour when your at a location like this!

A few hours later I set foot on the trail of the National Park to discover the forrest by myself. This despite of the rastafaris at the entrance who loved to be my guide…too bad! Along the way I met Marcos, a local painter who stopped working because it was ‘muy calor’. He loves the parks flora & fauna and without asking he turns out to be my guide and showed me sloths, monkeys, birds, lots of antz, crabs and a snake. The scout inside me (for those who don’t know; yes that’s true) is intense happy.

This village is exactly what I needed; nature, slow pace, laidback culture, reggae music and friendly people. My Yoga Teacher Training starts today and I’m so ready for it. But before the meditation, anatomy class, yoga and the vegetarian diet begins…. I enjoy my cheat meal: a chocolate crêpe.

As the Costa Ricans say: PURA VIDA

His. Name. Was. Pablo.

As you could guess this is a story about a small Costa Rican guy. I met him on my first day in San Jose, after I left the hotel with a lovely breakfast in my tummy and after I was dropped off at the wrong bus station. I was told there were no buses today to Cahuita, the place I wanted to go to…. So my new best friend offered me to help out by dropping me off at another bus station so I could still go to Cahuita. That sounded good to me!

As we drove off he told me everything about the coffee and banana plantations, the organic farms and the youth jails we were passing. I was enchated by the beautiful nature of this country ~ we just left the capital city ~ with all the misty mountains and vulcanos. Suddenly I realized we were driving into the rain forrest! Of course I could think of tons of worse places to be, but wasn’t I on my way to the nearest bus station?

Rain forrest

Yes I was, obviously Gualipes was not in or near San Jose but it is a village on 67 km distance! This friendly amigo taught me a good lesson and reminded me not to agree on anything without knowing all the details…

Palm tree

After sitting in two buses for another 4 hours, around 5 pm I was finally in the tranquilo town of Cahuita where the people are laidback and friendly. The Hakuna Matata hostel helped me to have “no worries” not even after I got scammed for 80.000 Colones ~ that’s 160 euros!