Summary. Of. Travel.

Time really flies when you’re having fun… Six months flew by while traveling through Central and South America. Another valuable trip has been added to my travel list. I am very thankful I gave myself the opportunity to let everything go in Holland to go traveling with a free open mind. I made my choices well thought and that’s way I will never regret them.

It all started with my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica; a life changing experience where I learnt lots about myself and made a strong connection with all my fellow yogi sisters and brother. Blessed with the knowledge and insights my teachers gave me, I left to Cuba to teach my first classes in a beautiful resort.

The reason why I picked Cuba as my next destination was because of a sparkling personality I fell in love with earlier that year. I choose to go there and give ourselves time to get to know each other better and to find out if there was more than just a holiday fling. And there was more…! I found true love and we build a connection so strong that we created the foundation of our relationship. Two months passed by and before the end of the year I had to leave my love behind.

My next destination Argentina was waiting for me. I started 2016 in Buenos Aires where I celebrated a new year full of opportunities ahead of me. I needed to get back to my inner self and decided to join the Eco Yoga Park for two weeks. In this bhakti yoga ashram I found tranquility, learned more about yoga and made new friends from all over the world. I had an overwhelming good feeling being part of the community. Before I could leave the country I had to go to Punta Tumbo, a penguin paradise on earth. I finally saw my favorite ones in their natural habitat!

On the time I arrived in Brazil I was already 3.5 months away from home. I had to wait at the airport because my sister was coming to backpack three weeks with me! Reunited and full excitement we began our trip in Rio de Janeiro; an amazing big city with a variety of people and places. Carnaval was starting and we got the full Brazilian experience in Rio, Salvador and Itacaré. After these wild and unique parties it was time to see part of this huge country’s nature in Chapada Diamantina and the impressive Iguazú waterfalls. Both my sister and me enjoyed every second in Brazil despite the ‘negative image‘ it still has.

I wasn’t ready to go to Holland yet so I decided to go back to my second home Cuba. Together with Yunier (the boyfriend) we traveled to the eastern side of the country where we both hadn’t been. While discovering the beauty of traveling together we visited friends and family, went on adventures and shared our passion for salsa dancing. Unfortunately after five weeks reality hit me; I had to go back to Holland and leave my love and his beautiful country behind….

Writing this blog on International day of the Sun reminds me of the warm feeling, the love and kindness everyone gave to me along my trip. I learned so much and had the privilege to meet so many beautiful souls in such wonderful places. Thank you all for that!

~ namaste ~

4,236 photos taken 182 travel days 5 countries
19 flights 6 currencies 12 pasport stamps
5 languages spoken 17 yoga classes given 7 birthday parties
1 yoga certificate 130 hours salsa dancing 1 “sweet 15” ceremony
2 hospital visits 1 traditional medical treatment 3 road trips
10 sunblock bottles 35 days plant based diet 50 fresh coconuts
150 days eating rice 16 açai smoothies 4 antz bites